Royal fans react to Prince Harry quoting this famous Spice Girls lyric in his memoir

Turns out he's a fan like everybody else

Prince Harry and the Spice Girls
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Prince Harry's memoir Spare officially hit the shelves this week, and in two days has already broken records with Penguin Random House announcing that first day sales topped 1.4 million in the US, UK and Canada.  

The Duke of Sussex details his life as a royal, discussing everything from the texts behind the bridesmaid dress fall out between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle to his difficult relationship with Camilla, Queen Consort and his brother, Prince William

Harry has also addressed many of the things he has written about during televised interviews, including how he processed his grief when his mother Princess Diana tragically died and quotes from the leaks which he believes were taken out of context

However, there is another moment within the memoir that has become a huge talking point for royal fans.

Although he references a number of celebrities in the book, it's the inclusion of a famous Spice Girls lyric that has bemused readers.

Harry writes about seeing the iconic girl band in concert alongside his father, King Charles, when he was a teenager.

As well as admitting that 'fellow ginger' Geri Halliwell was 'the only Spice with whom I felt any connection', he notes that he spotted his dad tapping along to Wannabe, before reciting the words from the hit song. 

He writes: "Impossible to believe. Even more impossible while it was actually happening.

"But I saw it with my own eyes, Pa gamely nodding to the beat and tapping his foot: 'If you want my future, forget my past. If you wanna get with me, better make it fast.'"

Readers have been enjoying the fact that Charles and Harry are Spice Girls fans like the rest of the world, with one user sharing a clip of the audio book online to hear Harry read the lyrics himself and calling it 'Sparey Spice' in reference to his book title. 


♬ Sparey Spice - Melissa Royle Critch

Underneath the TikTok video, one person wrote: "The man is both Ginger and Posh Spice."

Another added: "He seriously quoted the Spice Girls?"

A third amused watcher commented: "He should've started the book with 'now here's the story from a to z.'"

Spare is available to buy now. 

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