You won't believe how much Prince George looks like Diana in this never-seen-before photo

It's uncanny.

It's uncanny.

The Cambridges are one of the most talked about families in the world, and when they make a public appearance, all eyes are firmly on them. Especially, when the Duke and Duchess are joined by one of their children.

On Saturday, Prince George, joined his mum and dad at Twickenham stadium for England's Six Nations match against Wales. While the action played out on the pitch (England won 23-19, if you were wondering), royal fans couldn't take their eyes off the young prince because of an uncanny resemblance to one of his royal relatives.

"George looks so much like Diana here" wrote one fan of an image of Prince George singing the national anthem alongside his father, Prince William.

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"The Spencer genes are stronger with Prince George now. He is his dad's mini me and that means he also looks like his late grandma Diana!" shared a Cambridge fan account on Twitter. The uncanny resemblance is down to their eyes, some royal fans pointed out, comparing photographs of Diana, William and George to prove their point.

The Spencer genes are stronger with Prince George now 🥺🥺 he is his dad's mini me and that means he also looks like his late grandma Diana! They have the same eyes and he also has our Duke's ways! So lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️— The Cambridges (@loveforcambridg) February 27, 2022

A keen rugby fan, Prince George was attending the Six Nations match alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton in their roles as patron of the Welsh Rugby Union and Patron of the Rugby Football Union, respectively. The young royal has also been taking in his sporty parent's footsteps, as Kate revealed that he'd been learning rugby at his school, St Thomas's in Battersea. Joking that he was yet to tackle his mum, the Duchess is reported to have laughed and said "you already have".

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Prince George isn’t the only one of the Cambridge’s children to be compared to Princess Diana, when it comes to looks though. A series of photographs of Prince William and his three children, taken by Kate Middleton, and released to mark Father’s Day and the prince's 38th birthday went viral in 2020. It racked up millions of likes as well as commentary about the undeniable resemblance between Princess Charlotte and Princess Diana. This time, it was matching smiles that got people talking.

One thing’s for certain - those genes definitely run strong.. 

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