Princess Kate shields George, Charlotte and Louis from royal life in one particular way

Kate Middleton
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The Wales family are one of the most talked-about in the world, but while the now Prince and Princess spend the most time in front of the cameras, it’s their children that really steal the limelight.

From Princess Charlotte’s signature sass to Prince Louis' facial expressions, these miniature royals never fail to make headlines.

As members of the royal fold, these three live a more unusual childhood than most - attending film premieres and royal tours with their parents and visiting The King on weekends.

However, Prince William and Kate Middleton are keen for their children to have as much of a normal childhood as possible. And from their decision to scale back any at-home help to their doing the school run with the other parents, the Prince and Princess are making an effort to shield their children from the restraints of royal life.

It has been reported that this is particularly necessary at Christmas, with the Wales children sent "hundreds of gifts" from the public.

"You’ve got to remember that with their profile, the children will be sent hundreds of presents from members of the public, as they are every year," explained royal expert Duncan Larcombe. "In fact, William and Kate have to shield the children from being absolutely inundated with gifts from just about everyone."

He continued: "Let’s not forget that George is a future king and plenty of people want to give him and his siblings presents at Christmas. There are protocols for what happens to these gifts and the children will be shielded from them."

Going on to explain William and Kate’s commitment to their children living a normal life, he continued: "Something we know for sure about William and Kate is that they want their children to feel normal and so they certainly won’t be lavishing them with expensive gifts, that’s for certain."

Well, that's that. 

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