Kate's return to royal duties could be much later than originally planned

The Princess of Wales' first public appearance post-surgery is still a while away

Kate Middleton
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The Princess of Wales is currently recovering from abdominal surgery after undergoing treatment for an undisclosed medical issue in January. At the time, the Palace announced that Kate would be resting and had requested privacy until she returns to her royal duties, with her three children said to be doting on the royal and Princess Charlotte even planning a sweet activity to help her mother. 

In the same statement the Palace confirmed that the Princess of Wales would not be expected to return to work until after Easter, under doctors advice. However, speculation about Kate's condition reached new heights online in recent weeks given that the Palace has remained quiet on her recovery while King Charles - who was diagnosed with cancer around the same time - has remained semi public-facing through videos and meetings. Additionally, Prince William's absence from a memorial service last weekend 'set off alarm bells' according to royal experts, resulting in a spokesperson refuting a host of claims - including that Kate was in a coma - and calling the rumours 'wild conspiracy theories'

Yesterday, a photo of Kate and her mother, Carole Middleton, was published in the US and it is the first time that the Princess has been spotted in public since her surgery. The mother and daughter were photographed in a car together near Windsor Castle, where Kate lives, and it is believed to have been taken by unauthorised paparazzi.

It has raised questions about Kate's return to work, with Easter less than a month away. But shortly after the photo was released, the Ministry of Defence shared that Kate was a confirmed attendee for the Trooping the Colour Parade in London on Saturday 8th June as tickets for the event went on sale today. If this is Kate's first appearance post-surgery, it will be much later than anticipated. However, the Palace has not yet commented on whether or not Kate will be at the parade, and it usually stands with the royal households to confirm the royals attendance.

Given that it was previously thought the Princess would be back to work after Easter, a June appearance would be much later than many anticipated. However, Kate is said to be doing well according to Palace sources, as per Vanity Fair

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