Kate Middleton makes a rare comment about pregnancy

The Princess of Wales is usually incredibly private

Kate Middleton pregnancy comment
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The Princess of Wales is often praised for her relatability when it comes to sharing her own personal experiences with members of the public. Whether it's how she parents her little ones, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, or the TV show she enjoys watching with her husband Prince William, her refreshing sincerity has secured her a legion of supporters over the years.  

However, Kate has also ensured that she retains a sense of privacy when it comes to personal matters, too. 

But at a recent royal engagement the Princess made a rare comment about pregnancy which came as a huge shock to royal fans. 

The Princess of Wales was in Kent this week to meet children with additional educational needs and learn about the work of the National Portage Association, an educational service available in England and Wales. 

During a visit to sensory centre Kate spoke to father-of-four, Steve Ikebuwa, and discussed her pregnancies - something that she has often been very private about in the past. 

Of course, there is an old theory that Kate opts for a new hairstyle when she is pregnant in order to distract the public, and given her new cut in recent weeks that theory has resurfaced. 

However, during Kate's talk with Mr Ikebuwa she was keen to open up about hyperemesis gravidarum, the severe morning sickness that she experienced during all three of her pregnancies and which also led to hospitalisation

As Mr Ikebuwa discussed how his wife fared with the condition, Kate was keen to share her story too.

After the meeting, he said: "It was nice meeting her. When I told her about my wife having Hyperemesis gravidarum, it struck a chord with her. You could see an expression of 'I went through that'.

"She said, 'I had that, I know what it's like.'

"You could see her connection to the fact that my wife went through all of that. That really resonated with me. She is a pleasant lady."

Kate has been busy with lots of solo engagements in recent weeks, with William overseas for the Earthshot Prize Summit this month. 

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