The sweet boost of encouragement the Cambridge's gave their children at Prince Philip's memorial service


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The Cambridge's all attended Prince Philip's memorial service on29 March, except for the youngest child in the family, Prince Louis.

Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince George, eight, were on their best behaviour for the tribute, which took place at London's Westminster Abbey.

Onlookers noted how well mannered Kate Middleton and Prince William's children were, as they reined in some of their witty antics, such as pulling faces to onlookers when they were younger at Trooping the Colour.

The Duke and Duchess' children held onto their hands as they walked into the London landmark, but at moments the duo seemed to be overwhelmed and anxious - we don't blame them.

At one moment, a nervous Charlotte looked to her mum for support, and Kate, 40, whispered some words of encouragement to perk her daughter up. But what was said?

According to the Mail Online Kate whispered three words of encouragement.

Lip reader, Jacqui Press, claimed Kate said "You can smile" to Charlotte, which appeared to calm her before she shook hands with the Clergymen at the service.

George also needed a little boost of confidence on the day, which Prince William, 39, picked up on instantly.

Body language expert, Nick Davies, said you could see George was apprehensive prior to walking into Westminster Abbey.

He told The Daily Telegraph: "George takes a deep breath quickly, gulps and licks his dry lips which is caused by pre-emptive anxiety, but he maintains good eye contact and once he is spoken to by one of the clergymen he breaks into a broad smile showing his confidence.

"However, once his father talks to the Navy gentlemen with the gold braiding, George’s mouth tightens to the left and he rubs the bottom of his jacket with his right fingers, showing he feels awkward and is seeking comfort, William naturally recognises this putting his hand on George’s shoulder."

Round of applause for Kate and Will being the attentive parents we love to see!

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