Harry and Meghan celebrated their wedding anniversary in the most low-key way possible

Harry and Meghan celebrated their anniversary in the most low-key way possible

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle never fail to make headlines. Between news of Harry's tell-all memoir on growing up royal, the recent arrival of their second child Lilibet, and surprise revelations from a newly released chapter of unofficial biography Finding Freedom, the couple may have relocated to California in pursuit of a quieter life, but they're garnering more media attention than ever.

Yep, it's only been on shelves a mere year, but Finding Freedom, the explosive biography about the headline-making couple by authors and royal commentators Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, has been updated with a brand new epilogue covering what's doubtlessly been the couple's most dramatic year to date. And unsurprisingly, details from the biography's latest edition are already making the rounds ahead of its release next week.

Among the new chapter's revelations is the news that Meghan and Harry were "furious" about being photographed following their miscarriage in 2020, and details of the terrifying kidnapping training both Meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge had to endure before taking up their royal roles.

Another – and more positive – detail to emerge, though, was the sweet way in which Harry and Meghan celebrated their second wedding anniversary amidst all the chaos.

Marking the special day in the most low-key way possible, the couple reportedly celebrated with nothing but a Mexican takeout and simple gifts made from cotton—the traditional symbol of the second anniversary.

"With restaurant outing off-limits, the couple had to get a little creative in May for their second-anniversary festivities at home, spending part of the day looking back at their 2018 with a number of people who had been part of the wedding festivities, including vendors that had helped bring their magical Windsor Castle ceremony to life," the book claims, as per Marie Claire US. 

"They capped off the day with a Southern Californian favourite: Mexican food ordered from a popular local restaurant, washed down with margaritas (alcoholic for him, nonalcoholic for her). For gifts, they exchanged cotton-based items, as the tradition suggests."

Really, could it get any more laid-back?

Though the book didn't specify how the couple spent their most recent anniversary in May of this year, it's likely that it was equally chilled, considering Meghan was eight months pregnant with daughter Lilibet at the time.

Kate McCusker

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