The 10 apps that are killing your battery power

Has anyone got an iPhone 5 charger?

phone on aeroplane
phone on aeroplane
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Has anyone got an iPhone 5 charger?

Modern life is full of stress. Your Instagram didn't have enough likes, you're never going to be able to even buy a garden shed, let alone a house, and of course the number one irritation, your iPhone battery dies within about fifteen minutes of leaving the house.

Yes, non-smart phone users, we know. We could get different phones. But being an iPhone or Android user is practically a cult and once you've got one let's face it, you're not going anywhere.

You'll notice that Pokemon Go isn't on the list, and that's because when the research was compiled, it was inconceivable to anyone that grown adults would run down their entire battery and use up all of their data on hunting cartoon monsters. But, y'know. You live and you learn.

So, according to Android, here's the top ten culprits who are stealing your power.

1) Facebook 2) Google Maps 3) Facebook messenger 4) Instagram 5) BlackBerry Messenger 6) Chat0n 7) Kik 8) WhatsApp 9) WeChat 10) The Weather Channel

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So, if you're hoping to save battery, these are the ones of avoid. Other useful tips, just in case you didn't know, involve turning your screen brightness down, not taking photos, or (controversial), using it a bit less. On the other hand, the popular 'closing all your apps' thing does nothing to save your battery life.

If you've got the double whammy of Facebook and Facebook messenger runing (which you have to have if you're going to be able to read your messages), then that's going to take a serious toll on your battery. Google Maps is another big player, though it's worth remembering that you can turn off the location services on your phone - the signal it sends out for GPS - which is a big drain on the power.

Go forth, and prosper/play Pokemon Go...

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