Memes that will make your day if you’re a Pokemon Go fan

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  • Gotta catch 'em all

    If you’ve noticed even more people walking around staring at their phones, then the chances are they’re playing Pokemon Go. You will almost definitely have heard of it, but in case you somehow managed to miss it, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that lets you run around catching Pokemon on your phone, basically living the TV show that 90’s kids will remember being obsessed with in real life.

    Even if you missed the Pokemon craze of the 90’s, where kids spent their pocket money on cards and mostly just traded and collected them because hardly anyone actually understood how to battle, you can still get in on the act. The game has been credited with getting people working out, helping children on the autism spectrum bond with other children, and helping people with depression get out of the house. Plus, if we’re honest? It’s just really, really fun.

    And if you’re already a Pokemon obsessive? You’re going to enjoy our collection of the Internet’s funniest reactions to the craze with the best Pokemon Go meme’s out there…

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