How to *actually* save your iPhone battery

Because the way you've been doing is probably pretty useless

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Because the way you've been doing is probably pretty useless

Your iphone might be full of snazzy applications and 4G internet access that lets you watch back-to-back cat videos on your commute, but battery-wise those San Fran tech dudes have still got a long way to go. Most of us are doing well if we make it to dinnertime without our iPhone conking out first.

Like us you've probably resorted to all kinds of battery-saving tactics when you're out and about and down to your last 10%. And your top tactics probably include dimming the screen so you can't really see it in broad daylight and shutting down all the apps on your phone to stop them draining that precious last slice of power.

Well it turns out that one of these iphone battery-saving techniques is a complete and utter waste of time.

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According to a report published in The Washington Post, the quick multi-swipe you do turning off all your apps will do absolutely nothing to save battery life. In an email exchange published between Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi and a customer called Caleb, Federighi said that closing all your apps on your iphone won't actually save you any juice at all.

Apparently this is because the stream of apps open on your phone is just a display of your history to show consistency - when you're not using these apps they're not draining power just by being 'open.' This is different to a computer, where the more software you have open the more your computer's power is being used.

In fact, quitting all your apps on your phone can do worse than nothing - it can actually make your iphone battery run out faster.

So if you can't shut down the apps what else can you do?

Here's a few crafty ways to keep your iphone battery running for longer...

1) Remove your phone case

Some phone cases insulate heat in your phone, which can have a negative effect on its charging capabilities - and can even impact the lifespan of the battery. Before you charge, remove your phone case, let it charge, then put it back on again.

2) Switch off the 'Parallax' effect

This is the subtle shading that makes your apps look like they're floating slightly above the screen. It might look nice but switching to a 'flat' mode will actually help you save power. You can do this by going into Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.

3) Get off Facebook

This is the biggest power-drainer there is, because it's constantly updating with that constant stream of baby pictures, funny links and videos your 400-odd group of friends keep posting. If you're stuck somewhere with low battery, get off Facebook.

4) Stop charging to 100%

For optimum battery life it's better to top up your phone in small blasts rather than filling it up to the brim overnight (which is, admittedly, the most convenient time to recharge.) Charging between 40 and 80% is best for your phone.

5) Turn your phone off and engage with the world

Look out the window! Read a book! Talk to someone!

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Lucy Pavia