Find Out Which New Emoji Will Be Hitting Our Screens In 2016

As if the taco, champagne and unicorn weren't enough...

Emoji on Twitter
Emoji on Twitter

As if the taco, champagne and unicorn weren't enough...

Blimey, hasn't it been an exciting month for emoji? First of all we had the arrival of vagina emoji, then the unveiling of the brand new emoji and even the creation of an emoji keyboard.

As if that wasn't enough, we've now been given a sneak previous of the new emoji to come in 2016, thanks to Unicode - and they won't disappoint.

According to the governing body for emoji, there are 74 new characters in the running to become 2016's new additions to your screen - it's just like America's Next Top Model, except more exciting.

The decision will be made in May 2016, at the Unicode Technical Meeting, with the release set for June 2016.

Imagine being at that meeting and talking seriously about tacos and sneezing faces?

In the running to become our new favourite emoji are illustrations including a face with a cowboy hat (because why not?), a pregnant woman (so they don't feel even more left out) and a groom (for all those brides who have had to Instagram constant top hats).

There's also a selfie emoji, a man dancing, a mother Christmas (woohoo, equality!), a rhino, shrimp, squid and owl, and some entirely necessary food options, like avocadoes, eggs, peanuts, glasses of milk and pancakes.

There's even clinking glasses and a tumbler glass to make your cocktail pictures even better.

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