Vagina Emojis Have Landed And They Really Do Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Yes. These are now a thing.


Yes. These are now a thing.

Now, whether you're well into sexting (or, you know, not) or you go purple with embarrassment at the very thought of it, chances are that at some point in your life, you might just need to use a vagina emoji.

For years, women have been making do with the peach emoji, while a man's bits have been nobly portrayed with the eggplant - but now the vagina emoji has finally landed on our doorstep and it comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Behold: here they are...

Picture via The Verge, in which designers Jeremy Yingling and Katy McCarthy discussed the artistic process behind creating these diverse images. 

'We started looking at reference images,' says Jeremy. 'There was a lot of Google image searching for many explicit images and again, the thing that's beautiful about a particular body part is when it's not symmetrical, or it's off-angle or it's from a strange perspective.'

Katy adds: 'There was one, I remember, that we were going to cut. And it was the one that was the least symmetrical of the original group. But a friend looked at it and said, "Well that's the one that looks the most like mine!" So we were kind of in this interesting design dilemma of wanting to create something iconographic and wanting to be representational. And we realised that these things could be reconciled.'

The company are clearly very excited about the new launch, posting on their Instagram page:

Tired of using the peach symbol and want to download these emojis for yourself? Visit - and you can get a free mini-pack by creating your own account.

Next week, there'll be five penises to choose from, too - the excitement never stops.

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