Finally! Apple's New Emojis Have Landed, And There Are Tacos, Unicorns & Even Middle Fingers

There's a champagne emoji. FINALLY.

New emojis
New emojis
(Image credit: Apple)

There's a champagne emoji. FINALLY.

Great news, guys: Apple's new emojis have landed - and there are 150 brand spanking new ones to choose from.

Alongside the volleyball, middle finger and champagne bottle, there's a nerd face, chipmunk and snowman included in the new release.

There are also absolute essentials added, such as the man in the business suit levitating - because we've tried to recreate this using only words so many times, Apple.

Religious Apple fans will also be delighted to see a range of new emojis including a mosque, synagogue and Shinto shrine, while there's also a whole new range of sporting emojis, like a skier, ice skater and golfer.

If you’re not au fait with the wonderful world of emoticons (or as anyone under the age of 40 calls them, emojis) then really, where have you been?

According to a study by Facebook, emojis are part of a new wave of language that is replacing txt spk, with over a third of their users expressing their joy with those little yellow faces.

As such, any new addition to this burgeoning dialect is to be met with great excitement and fanfare.

[Cue fanfare]

We have to say that some of our favourites in the new release include...

1. Burrito – all Mexican food symbols are to be welcomed as Mexican food is the greatest cuisine in the world, natch. 2. Taco – See above. 3. Cheese – Seriously, how has it taken this long for us to adequately express our love for cheese in emoji form? 4. Champagne – But we’re going to pretend it’s Prosecco. Vast improvement to the current drinks selection because really, who celebrates anything with a martini? 5. & 6. Popcorn & Sofa – You get this combo, you know you’re about to have the perfect night in. 7. Chocolate – No, we don’t know how we lived without this one either… 8. Bed – Slightly confused as to why this is in Objects and not Activities where it clearly belongs. 9. Middle finger – When are we NOT going to need this? 10. Unicorn – In the running to be the most beautiful of all emojis. Sorry pizza.

With these new emojis and the release of vajina emojis last week, there really isn't much left for Apple to create - we've now been given infinite ways to express ourselves, no matter what we're trying to say. Are you as excited as us about the new emojis? Let us know @marieclaireuk

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