Meghan Markle reportedly has a special trick for making people warm to her instantly

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  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal family roles this year after months of discussions following a lot of backlash.

    Despite the unfair online abuse the Duchess of sussex faced however, no one can deny that she makes an excellent first impression, with her warmth and grace making her instantly likeable.

    But how did Meghan Markle perfect her likability? According to etiquette expert Myka Meier, there’s a ‘science behind the Markle charm’.

    ‘As a patron for many charities and the guest of honour of many events, Meghan is constantly meeting and speaking with people and groups, and must be able to be relatable to all,’ Myka Meier explained in an interview with Fabulous. ‘Meghan is excellent at making a great first impression and there are some techniques that we often spot her using.’

    ‘We often see on video when Meghan walks into a room to greet others, she follows the formula: Eyes open and mouth open,’ Myka explained. ‘While doing this when entering a room, it shows likability, openness and receptiveness, and often captures on camera well for stills photographs too.’

    ‘We often see Meghan mirroring body language when meeting and greeting others for the first time,’ she added explaining how every little detail is planned – even it appears, holding your bag in your left hand so you are free to greet with the other.

    ‘We have seen Meghan Markle walking into a room or party many times using this technique, so she doesn’t have to switch hands with her bag from her right to her left before she shakes hands.’ She added: ‘When you enter a room and after you are introduced to everyone, hold a drink. It makes you appear more social and approachable at a party!’

    We need to try these ASAP.

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