Lady Gaga and Mike Pence's awkward interaction at Joe Biden's Inauguration is going viral

Here's everything to know...

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Here's everything to know...

Yesterday was a historic day for the whole world, as Donald Trump left office and Joe Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

The 2020 US Presidential Election saw Joe Biden and Kamala Harris triumph in a nail-biting race against Donald Trump and Mike Pence to become the next President and Vice President.

Now, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have officially been sworn in, with celebrations erupting across the world, with hope for what this new blue wave will bring.

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'This is America's day, democracy's day,' President Biden told the audience. 'At this hour my friends, democracy has prevailed'.

Yesterday's inauguration was different from usual, with coronavirus-induced social distancing rules preventing large crowds and the usual parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. And in place of the usual performances and parties, there were instead virtual events.

Lady Gaga sang the national anthem ahead of Joe Biden's Inauguration, but it was her interaction with Mike Pence that really went viral.

The former VP was in Lady Gaga's direct eye line as she reached for her golden microphone, something that proved awkward as Lady Gaga appeared to intentionally avoid eye contact.

With the whole world watching, Lady Gaga sent a very clear message to Mike Pence and Donald Trump, something that was made all the more obvious when she warmly embraced the Obamas, the Bidens, the Harris family and well, pretty much everyone else there.

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This is hilarious.

Huge congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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