How To Spend A Snow Day (Or A Rain Day. Or A Gale-Force Wind Day)

6 things that are better than climbing the walls

6 things that are better than climbing the walls

This week the MET office issued weather warnings across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the north of England. Rain, snow, floods and mighty winds have already hit and could last for up to two weeks (blame Storm Clodagh and turbulent weather systems arriving via the Atlantic). 

'Tis the season when harsh weather means going outside is frequently unappealing. But staying in doesn’t have to mean succumbing to cabin fever soundtracked by a Netflix loop of 'recently added' films. 

Cooped up in the house? Here are some alternative ways to spend the day: 

1. Have sex, or do some platonic wrestling

When Storm Juno desended on New York at the beginning of the year some of the city’s residents took to Craigslist to find a cold weather companion. Posts included ‘Why brave the snow alone? Come warm up next to a sensual, recently divorced cougar’ and ‘Fellas—I'm working from home today due to the snow and am ready for a wrestling break anytime!’. Both seem like exciting options. 

2. Read a book

Uh huh, this is boredom 101, and with good reason. Plus, when the weather outside is frightful you can swaddle yourself in a blanket, sip on a cup of something steamy and get your literary lounge on. 

3. Tidy things

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Sort through that pile of ‘important documents’ you haven’t looked in since 2012. Throw away all the whites you have turned a sad shade of bleurgh. Untangle that alarmingly large jewellery ball. And those lipsticks you’ve had since university? One word: bacteria. Part with them, immediately. 

4. Have a bath

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Not just any old bath – the kind of extra-indulgent bath people have in the movies. The kind of bath you never normally have time for. Add salts, add oils, add bubbles, light candles, put on some whale music and enjoy with a bottle of wine. NB: If you have a humongous bath you can invite your cold weather companion (see point 1) to join you. 

5. Do some kitchen wizardry

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Every meal deserves extra effort (and extra bread) on a snow day. It's a day when the chill gives you permission to ignore all sensible dietary advice and eat all of the carbs, all at once. A casserole (crammed with potatoes and accompanied by bread) followed by cookies should be your go-to.

6. Be more crafty

Knit something. Or pretend you’re in an Austen novel and start embroidering a cushion. Make a candle. Finally open that pack of origami paper you bought three years ago at Muji (YouTube can help you fold an outstanding crane). Or just sew some popped buttons back on – if it involves a needle and thread it’s unequivocally crafting. Promise. 

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