This Zara dress is so popular it even has its own fan blog

Zara, fuelling our high street fashion obsession since 1998

It’s no secret that, as a nation of shoppers, we bloody love a Zara bargain. From the innovative way they solve online shopping problems, to the most pinned Zara outfits of all time, our obsession clearly isn’t dying out any time soon.

It’s even taken over Topshop as the most Googled retailer in the last year – and that’s no mean feat.

In today’s fashion news bulletin, we bring you information that cements Zara’s place as one of the UK’s best-loved fashion outlets.

One of their current dresses is so popular that it has spawned its own blog, dedicated entirely to people wearing said dress. Yes, it’s a blog, about a dress.

The Tumblr, aptly named ‘The Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress From Zara‘, documents various sightings of the sell-out dress around New York. You’ll no doubt recognise the dress because either it’s hanging in your wardrobe, or at least five people you know own it.

Founder of the blog, Lulu Krause, said of her creation: ‘At the beginning of last summer (2016) I started noticing the trend all over New York. I wasn’t actively searching for a project like this — the dress was popping up so frequently that it’s almost like… it chose me,’ she told Refinery 29.

Pinterest / Zara Official

‘When it got colder out, the dress went away, and I thought that I wouldn’t see it again. But this June, on a stroll through my neighbourhood (Carroll Gardens), I saw the dress! It had been resurrected.

‘At that point, I decided to share all of the photos I’d taken the previous summer.’

Although the dress is out of stock, we’re sure that news of the blog will eventually reach Zara HQ – at which point we hope they’ll do the right thing and restock it.

They never disappoint, do they?

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