What to wear when you hate summer clothes

In the words of Michael Jackson, you are not alone

Hate summer dressing
Hate summer dressing

In the words of Michael Jackson, you are not alone

What’s the summer equivalent of ‘bah humbug’? For some of us, the thoughts of hazy summer days in pretty floral dresses is on a par with re-watching the Sex And The City sequel - so much hype, such bitter disappointment.

Some people hate summer clothes, and that’s okay. If cosy cashmere, tailored coats and not shaving your legs are more your bag, you are not alone - sartorial SAD is pretty common. We all have friends for whom seasonal exhibitionism appears to be a birthright. As though they were born and bred at Coachella, they take to mesh-inserts, backless dresses and mini skirts like caramel to a macchiato. And if you’d rather sip on one of those while swaddled in a blanket and glued to Netflix, the struggle to strip off is very, very real.

But instead of mournfully lamenting the inherent cosiness of autumn, counting the days until the weather turns crisp and you can once again put on your favourite chunky knits, there are ways and means of styling out a summery look that doesn't leave you with that weird feeling you get when you’ve stayed at a friend’s house and had to borrow their clothes.

Choose your 'hero' body part

If you have big boobs you can relate to the anxiety of your cleavage becoming a seemingly acceptable conversation starter come summer. For this, and any other body part you don’t like showing, focus on your favourite part of your body instead and shop with it’s best interest at heart. If you have a shapely clavicle (collarbone area) show that off in an off-the-shoulder ruffle top. Or if great calves are your thing, cropped trousers still have an acceptable level of coverage.

Accessories all areas

Take the money you’ve saved from not buying any summer frippery, and invest in a great pair of sunglasses, a summery bag (one with lots of colour or in a metallic finish will break up a monochromatic outfit) and a lot of really cool jewellery. Anklets, chokers, mismatched earrings and chunky sculptural cuffs are all on-trend, and perfect for putting a summery spin on an autumnal ensemble you’re passing off mid-July. Silks scarves and neckerchiefs are also an easy way of adding extra coverage stylishly.

Shoes are seasonless

Okay, okay way to point out the bleedin' obvious or what? But the above tip also gives you a free pass to go buy those dreamy metallic Gucci shoes you’ve had your eye on - or any other shoe you've been coveting for that matter! - all in the comfort of knowing that they will last through to your beloved autumn.

The kaftan game is strong this season

Avoiding disrobing on the beach is a tricky business. Luckily, there are a whole host of newbie kaftan designers whose aim is to make your favourite holiday cover-ups perfectly acceptable in the city. What this means for you is beaucoup de summer swagger, sans nudity anxiety.

Layer lightweight materials

Semi-sheer materials are your friend. Buy lightweight wares with a colour scheme in mind (an aside: grey, navy and white count as colours so don’t feel you need to go all cerise pinks and aqua blues if it doesn't feel natural) so that you can pile ‘em all on. Try a gossamer jumper with a silky vest underneath it, or to do summer’s top trending off-the-shoulder look; slip a light cotton tee underneath.

Swap your tailored jacket for a belted silky pyjama top

Embrace ‘bedroom dressing’ and trade in your trusty office blazer for a loose dressing gown coat. Silky pyjama trousers are the perfect alternative to tailored trousers, which can leave you feel overheated in a non-air conditioned office.

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