Follow these best fashion influencers ASAP for all the sartorial inspo

Time to level up your wardrobe game.

The best fashion influencers for sartorial inspiration

Our edit of the best fashion influencers across the globe provides endless outfit inspiration, not to mention unique ways to style your clothes and how to wear the latest trends. One of the huge advantages of the rise of social media is the wealth of inspiration at our fingertips. Whether it's an outfit idea, a new makeup look or what to cook for dinner, a quick scan of Insta or TikTok will provide plenty of possibilities.

If you're more serious about updating your closet staples, following some savvy fashion influences can help you hone in on which styles and items are the essentials, too. Plus, who doesn't like having a nosey at the contents of someone else's wardrobe? 

From our favourite UK influencers to the most fashionable women from Milan and the coolest New Yorkers, read on for some of the best fashion influencers and creatives out there. 

The best fashion influencers across the globe

1. Lisa Ing

Who? Lisa Ing,  London-based corporate lawyer and board adviser, wife and mom

Why? Lisa proves that being a corporate lawyer and busy mum doesn't just mean suits and joggers. I love her mix of high-low fashion staples and her take on power dressing.

Follow: @lisaing

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2. Rosie Lai

Who? Rosana Chloe Lai, former fashion director of Tatler Asia, and now a London-based influencer and fashion writer.

Why? You won't find much casualwear on Rosie's page, because she does formal so damn well. Her evening looks are always so elegant, and just LOOK at her wedding pictures.

Follow: @rosielai

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3. Sasha Golokova

Who? Alexandra, a London-based mother and digital creator specialising in modest styling and beauty.

Why? Because she effortlessly nails everything from casual-wear to tonal tailoring.

Follow: @golokova.s

4. Babba C Rivera

Who: Babba, a Swedish Latina entrepreneur living in New York, founder of My Ceremonia, a clean hair care brand, and advocate for women and Latinx.

Why: Because you'll be hard pressed to find anyone cooler. Not only is she incredibly stylish and has two beautiful homes - a flat in NY and a house in the countryside - she's incredibly smart too. She's an eco beauty expert and part of the Forbes 30 under 30 club.

Follow: @babba

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5. Zeena Shah

Who: Zeena, London-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer.

Why: No one does colour like Zeena, so much so that she created the rainbow challenge in 2020 in support of the NHS, whereby she encouraged followers to wear a different colour every day (on Wednesdays it's pink, naturally). I love her feel-good retro home as well, and for ultimate wedding spam, she has recently been posting pictures of her Indian-British wedding and it's to die for.

Follow: @heartzeena

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6. Catarina Mira

Who: Catarina, London and Lisbon-based digital creator.

Why: There's no one like Catarina to create moody and artistic fashion and lifestyle content. Follow her right now for great pregnancy style and house renovation tips.

Follow: @catarinamira

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7. Eni of Eni's Wardrobe

Who: Eni, petite blogger, YouTubeber and stylist based in London

Why: We love her versatile style, from colourful summer dresses to casual denim.

Follow: @eniswardrobe

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8. Mercer 7

Who: Erna Leon, entrepreneur and mum-of-two living in London

Why: If you're looking for a fashion blog that mixes designer with high-street fashion, and dressy pieces with everyday wardrobe essentials, this is it. More importantly, Erna focuses on sustainability, helping build a timeless wardrobe you won't throw out after one season.

Follow: @mercer7official

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9. Abisola Omole

Who: Abisola Omole, a style and interior blogger living in London

Why: To be honest it's hard to think of something Abisola isn't good at it. Her outfits are impeccable, a mix of timeless and fashion-forward, and she also owns an interior design and styling studio, with a product line coming soon.

Follow: @abimarvel

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10. Edaowa Fashion

Who: Damilola, a style blogger based between Manchester and London

Why: From the classic (jeans and a blazer) to the not-so-classic (printed crop tops and colourful trousers), this page is all about taking sartorial risks.

Follow: @edaowofashion

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11. Kelsey-Marie

Who? Kelsey-Marie divides her time between New York and Johannesburg

Why: From bold printed Rixo dresses to sleek tailoring, there's nothing Kelsey-Marie can't pull off

Follow: @kelseydashmarie

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12. Trishna Goklani

Who? Trishna Goklani, social media editor for Paradise Row by day, UK influencer by night.

Why: Trishna's style is understated, timeless and just plain cool. Follow her if you're after the best forever pieces, from the perfect little black dress to the leather jacket.

Follow: @trishnagoklani

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13. Chrissy Ford

Who? Chrissy Ford, former Special Projects Director at Harper's Bazaar US, currently based between New York and London.

Why: Chrissy is basically who I want to be when I grow up. 'Cool' is such a basic word to describe her style but it's that and more. From sharp tailoring to statement dresses in bold prints and colours, there is no look Chrissy can't pull off.

Follow: @chrissyford

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14. Modest Mira

Who? Amira, a Manchester-based stylist and influencer.

Why: Amira proves you don't have to choose between dressing modestly and dressing stylishly, plus we love her super-positive captions.

Follow: @modestmira_

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15. Ellie Delphine

Who? Ellie, Paris-based influencer.

Why: If we had to describe Ellie's style in two words, it would be urban luxe. No one does hi-lo quite like her, and she's a pro at mixing distressed denim with pops of colour. One of our favourite fashion blogs.

Follow: @slipintostyle

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16. Monikh

Who? Monikh Dale, a super chic London-based influencer/model.

Why: Because Monikh has a knack for making even high street clothes look designer, and her fashionable finger is always on the pulse of discovering up-and-coming brands. One of the original best fashion blogs.

Follow: @monikh

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17. Sebinaah

Who? Sebina Hussain

Why: Sebina's style is chic and timeless, and her honest account of motherhood is inspiring. She also isn't afraid to talk about mental health.

Follow: @sebinaah

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18. Katherine Ormerod

Who? The entrepreneur behind life, career and fashion blog Work Work Work and a stylist and brand consultant. 

Why? If you want to know about cool niche brands before anyone else, Katherine is your woman. We also love her everyday style, which instantly makes us want to shop! Since having two sons, she's also been super real about the realities of working mums, as well as dealing with loss.

Follow: @katherine_ormerod

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19. Lesego Legobane, a.k.a Thickleeyonce

Who: A South African plus-size blogger and photographer. 

Why: An Instagram full of gorgeous photography and thoughtful captions (she occasionally dabbles in vlogging too). Be it the latest fashion trends, amazing lingerie or even those tricky to style narrow sunglasses, this fashion blog is all about destroying any preconceptions of what a curvy girl can and can't wear.

Follow: @thickleeyonce

20. Natasha Ndlovu

Who: A London-based creative and model who's been recognised the world over in various publications. 

Why: Natasha's a master at pulling together chic yet effortless-looking outfits, whether she's opting for an edgy sportswear look or floating along in a dreamy gown. She's got a box of designer bags that we'd give our left kidney to rummage round and she also occasionally shares her beauty tips both on Instagram. 

Follow: @natashandlovu

21. Allison Graham

Who: Allison Graham is a Jamaican menswear blogger based in Brooklyn.

Why: Allison's a breath of fresh air in the fashion blogger space with no time for your fashion gender binaries. She does menswear better than most guys in the game, whether she's pattern mixing like a pro in a dapper suit or taking casual wear to a whole new level. 

Follow: @shedoeshim

22. Aimee Song

Who: American fashion designer and blogger, Aimee Song. 

Why: With over 7 million followers, Aimee Song needs little introduction. The social media maven was one of the original bloggers, launching her platform 'Song of Style' back in 2008. Since then, Aimee has gone on to garner millions of followers and even launch her own line.  

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