Thanks to Kylie Jenner, the most searched for jewellery item on Google is…

It seems the Kylie Jenner effect is definitely a real thing for retailers...

Kylie Jenner Cartier Love bracelet
Kylie Jenner Cartier Love bracelet

It seems the Kylie Jenner effect is definitely a real thing for retailers...

It seems the Kylie Jenner effect is definitely a real thing for retailers after new research has shown how much she influences our jewellery shopping habits.

According to a new infographic made by Karus Chains, Kylie’s favourite bangle, the Cartier Love bracelet, is the single most Googled jewellery item in the world, with over 353,000 women searching for it every single month – that’s way more than the next three hits which were Tiffany engagement rings, Tiffany heart necklaces and Swarovski crystal earrings.

Prices for a Cartier Love bangle start at £4,600 and can reach a whopping £41,000 depending on what stones and metals you choose. Kylie, naturally, likes to wear six at a time in a real stack ‘em high statement.

Covered in distinct screw stud detailing, you get your own mini white gold screwdriver with every purchase, so that you can seal yourself in to their unique design – yup that’s how they work.

There was even an extra surge in searches this January when Kylie revealed that she’d been locked inside one of her bangles for four years. Well we can see why – you’d have to get the tool box out every time you wanted to take a shower, otherwise.

Other A-list fans of the bangle include Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker, but unlike Kylie, the Cartier queen, they all stick to wearing one at a time.

Elsewhere in the report, it was revealed that Pandora is the most searched for designer jewellery brand in the world, followed by Tiffany, Swarovski and Cartier in fourth place. It also revealed that engagement rings are the most researched types of jewellery item, followed by diamond earrings, gold necklaces and charm bracelets.

We wonder how many of the searches Kylie prompts actually lead to sales of the bangle, or really whether we’re all just super curious about the Kardashians’ style, like that time Kim caused a 400% spike in searches for ‘censor bar’ black bandeaus. 

Whatever the numbers, you can’t deny that the Kardashian effect is oh so real. And that we all want a piece of it.