J.W. Anderson Talks Fashion Hangouts, Diet Coke, And Bargain Hunt

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  • We speak to J.W.Anderson at the launch of his new designer collaboration with Diet Coke

    Womenswear officiando, Loewe boss and now…Diet Coke bottle designer? J.W. Anderson has officially done it all. 

    Ahead of the star-studded launch party in the amazing Village Underground in Shoreditch for his new bottle, we spoke to Jonathan about Diet Coke, neon cycling shorts and Bargain Hunt… 

    Congratulations on the Diet Coke bottle! Was designing a bottle worlds away from working on a womenswear collection?
    Yeah, it’s very different! I think knitwear is very key to what I do so I put the task to Diet Coke to ask if there was any way of doing a photo image onto the bottle. It’s never been done before in that way so it was a new challenge for both parties involved and they did very well with it! 
    What was your first thought when you got the phonecall? 
    As a designer you want to do everything, I think that’s the thing about being creative, you want to be able to apply yourself to anything. It’s such an iconic shape; it’s a pop culture reference! For me its very odd seeing it because I know the sweater that the print comes from and when you touch it its not what you think it’s going to be, which I think is very interesting. I was thinking about it on the train this morning, I was like, “I can’t believe this is happening!” 
    The new bottle is a part of Diet Coke’s Regret Nothing campaign – do you fully embrace that philosophy? 
    Yeah! I never regret anything I do, when I show a collection, that’s it; it’s done; I don’t regret it. I never go back. I always think that I you do something its for a reason, it could be a good reason, it could be a bad reason. I think it’s all part of defining who you are. 
    So have you got any embarrassing moments that you look back on and cringe about? 
    Maybe when I was younger…my brother and I used to wear neon cycling shorts. Daily. We’d wear them with a very oversized t-shirt and Air Jordan’s. The 90’s were not kind to me! 
    What are your tips for surviving a fashion party? 
    Always counter balance what you think with something non-alcoholic. Whatever you drink, make it up with water otherwise you end up doing something that you don’t want to. 
    What’s your trashy TV addiction? 
    I end up watching stupid things like Bargain Hunt, love a bit of bargain hunting! When you’re off during the week it’s always there to get trapped into watching. 
    What’s your studio soundtrack? 
    It’s not really a soundtrack, it’s more of a case of one song on repeat. So I’ll play a song to death for about three days and then I’m over it and I can’t listen to it ever again. It’s been Jammin’ by Bob Marley recently. I’m still not bored of that one yet. 
    How do you relax after a busy day like today? 
    I would love to say that I cook, but I don’t. I like to eat out at places like L’Entrepot, which is near to Dalston Kingsland overground. They do amazing French food and great wines. It takes me about 3 hours to decompress from a hectic day, so I’m probably only a bit chilled out by 10pm. 
    What’s on your Summer bucket list? 
    This Summer I’m going cultural. I really want to go to Eileen Gray’s house, which has just opened up for the first time. I also want to go and see Matisse’s chapel. More restaurants, more beaches, more food, nothing to do with fashion! 
    What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought? 
    God, there’s so many stupid things! I buy things and then get bored of them very quickly. I bought a microwave and that really bothers me because it’s so ugly. It’s just hiding in my cupboard. I just eat at restaurants instead. 
    And finally, fashion week is fast approaching, are you looking forward to it? 
    I’m looking forward to Christmas! No, I always look forward to it. I love doing shows; it’s an outlet for me. 

    Diet Coke J.W.Anderson collector’s box set will be available exclusively in Harvey Nichols stores and online from 17 August – The collector’s box set will feature J.W.Anderson’s Diet Coke bottles and notebook (RRP £29.95).

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