The Making Of Marie Claire Runway AW15: Gucci Slippers, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen And One Hair Spray Secret

Ever wondered what goes on when eight people are shut away in a room with the task of creating a magazine? THIS...

Ever wondered what goes on when eight people are shut away in a room with the task of creating a magazine? THIS…

In between interviewing designer heavyweights (JW Anderson, Stuart Vevers and Olivier Rousteing, anyone?) we spent our time pondering the big questions in life, like why hadn’t anyone tapped into Laurence Lleweyn-Bowen’s potential as a fashion critic long before we did? Or why isn’t everyone issued a pair of Gucci’s gloriously soft goat hair slippers at birth? All very valid questions, we think you’ll agree. 
With 154 pages of pure fashion porn, 6 must-try-them-now trends, dozens of trend boards, countless call ins and 1 near-Celine bag disaster (not a sample, don’t worry PRs we take good care of your babies), this is everything you would have overheard throughout the making of what is without a doubt the best RUNWAY yet: 
‘We couldn’t use their crystals for the shoot as we’d give them back with a bad energy, apparently.’ – Christine Leech after coming back empty handed from shopping for props for our accessories shoot.
‘It was like Coney Island was practically deserted for us and Stuart [Vevers, Coach’s Creative Director], it was creepy.’ – the post-Vevers photoshoot rundown
‘Do they really need a digital lookbook?!  Does anyone?!’ 
‘Zac from Saved by the Bell is dead!’ – a hysterical (and slightly quick to the mark) Jess Wood 
‘Laurence [Llewelyn-Bowen] was all you could wish for’ – a slightly infatuated Caroline Leaper after interviewing the man himself for our Everything But The Clothes section. 
‘Do you want to say anything to me before I go?’…’I love your designs’ – all of us to Christine Leech, Jo Hudson and James Kratz 
‘James ‘Flamenco Barbie’ Kratz…there is a link, that’s not just me at the weekends!’ – a defensive James Kratz looking at last years Barbie themed masthead 
Jo on the phone organising to buy tickets for a weekend festival: ‘I’ll meet you in Victoria Park at midnight’ 
‘If I was texting a friend about the Maison Margiela show, I think I’d use the celebration emoji, not the hand clapping!’ – group discussions about our Emoji Reactions to Galliano’s return to fashion. 
‘You can get anything on Gumtree!’ – including life models according to Molly Goddard 
‘If you were Derek Zoolander, what would you call your next pose?’ – intense brainstorming inspired by Zoolander’s return to the catwalk at the Valentino show
‘Who knew that hairspray was the secret to getting biro off leather?!’ – Disaster strikes (and is quickly averted thanks to a can of L’Oreal hairspray) for Jess Wood
‘My friend sold her fridge freezer to Ollie Locke [of Made in Chelsea fame] the other day.’ – MIC musings and connections in the office.

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