Ugly Halloween jumpers are now a thing if you kind of want to make an effort

Merry Halloween, everybody.

Ugly Christmas jumpers have long been a safe haven for the low key holiday lover and now, Halloween’s the latest holiday to get the treatment. If your workplace isn’t the kind to smile kindly on you showing up in fancy dress or you just really can’t be assed to dress up, an ugly Halloween sweater is the perfect way to join in but not have to think about it too much.

From beautifully tacky Jack O’Lantern prints to a classic skeleton silhouette, here’s a few pieces to invest in before the 30th rolls around…

Next Black Bite Me Sweater

halloween jumpers

Got attitude? This black jumper from Next is simple but gets right to the point, with big red bloody text printed across the chest. Perfect for secret Twilight stans or those who just really couldn’t care less, you can also break this one out when it’s not Halloween if you need to make a passive aggressive statement.

Priced at £18, available at Next

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ASOS DESIGN Halloween Jumper with Fairisle Pattern

christmas sweater

While this is technically a men’s jumper, you could easily get away with popping one of these on. The Christmas jumper homage is real here with a fair isle design on acid, bringing splashes of neon and mixing all your favourite ghastly ghouls and monsters this season.

Priced at £25, available at ASOS

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Next Purple Halloween Bat Sweater

halloween jumpers

If you’re a gal who would never be caught dead in anything gloriously tacky, this chic jumper from Next is a stylish way to get your creep on this Halloween. Covered in black bats, the mauve colourway is a gentler way to pay homage to the season rather than the brighter-than-the-sun orange that dominates the holiday.

Priced at £24, available at Next

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Hellbunny Spider Cardigan

halloween jumpers

Bring out your inner pastel goth with this adorable knitted cardigan from Hellbunny. The spiders on the elbow are the sweetest thing, who knew such creepy crawlies could be so cute?

Priced at £32.99, available at Hellbunny

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boohoo Petite Emma Teeth Print Halloween Crop

halloween jumpers

Okay, yes, this isn’t technically a jumper but it is long-sleeved. With sharp dripping vampire teeth and an off-the-shoulder neckline, it’s a piece you can wear with jeans around town and then leather lace up trousers at night if you’re hitting up a Halloween party.

Priced at £8, available at boohoo

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Thinking of making more of an effort? We’ve put together a list of celebrity Halloween costume ideas and our favourite Halloween makeup ideas. Don’t worry, you’ve still got time to get your act together before the big day.

Happy (early) Halloween everybody!

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