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There is a correct way to put on a bra and this is how you do it

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  • Back to bra school, people...

    By now, we’re all savvy to how often we should get bra fittings, or how we should wash our lingerie, and even how to tell if we’re wearing the wrong bra size. But it turns out we’ve still got a lot to learn when it comes to wearing our favourite underwear.

    You see, most of us probably aren’t putting our bras on properly. Yep, there’s a correct way that doesn’t just involve slipping your arms in the straps and fastening the hook.

    According to POPSUGAR, there is a technique that is called the ‘scoop and swoop’, which is particularly handy for women with big breasts, but can work for all cup sizes.

    It involves manually manoeuvring the whole breast tissue in the cup of the bra. So, start by putting your arms through the straps, then bend over so that the breast falls into the cup, and fit the underwire just beneath it. Fasten the bra shut, then pull the bra away from your body a bit, so you can fit your hands in to gently scoop the breast fully in the cup, by pulling it inwards from your armpits.

    This way the bra actually fully supports all your breast. This can also avoid what is known as tissue migration, where breast tissue moves towards the underarms due to lack of proper support.

    In any case, it’s always good to have proper support, which will also help alleviate certain issues such as backache. Plus, an outfit is always more flattering (not to mention comfortable) if your underwear fits properly.

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