This is how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size

The simple trick that will put you out of your bra shopping misery.

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The simple trick that will put you out of your bra shopping misery.

Words by Penny Goldstone

For most of us, shopping for bras is about as appealing as attempting a reasonable conversation with Donald Trump. You’re confused by all the misleading information, you feel a little bit vulnerable and mostly you just want to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

Which probably explains why around 85% of women end up buying the wrong bra size - yep, it turns out most of us are wearing a bra that’s too big for us. Who knew?

But now, a simple trick could save you wasting more money on underwear that doesn’t fit, without having to go through the awkward bra fitting at M&S stage.

Nicole Kibitz, who works at French lingerie brand Chantelle, told Insider that the most common mistake women make is getting a bra that’s too loose.

'Because 80% of your support is from your band, it should be tight', Nicole said.

So basically, you should be picking one that should be tight enough when you wear it on the first hook, the idea being that it stretches over time, so you then switch to the other hooks.

Still not sure how to check? Kibitz says all you need to do is fit two fingers between your back and the band. If you can fit more than two, it’s too big.

And once you’ve reached the stage where you can fit more than two fingers and you’re on the third hook, it’s time to ditch the bra and buy some new lingerie. Genius.

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