Blake Lively just explained why she’s too controlling to have a stylist 

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  • ‘I have control issues and a big ego - that’s probably the honest answer’

    Being an A-lister in this day and age means looking good, with most celebrity women working with a team of professionals to get them red carpet ready.

    Whether it’s a red carpet event or an off duty coffee, most looks have gone through heavy planning – and a team of people!

    It’s hardly surprising therefore that actress and one half of golden Hollywood couple, Blake Lively, shocked everyone this week when she announced that she styles herself.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Blake Lively must be one of the only A-listers in 2018 to operate without a professional stylist to dress her, but according to the Gossip Girl alum, she just doesn’t have the right personality traits.

    ‘I have control issues and a big ego – that’s probably the honest answer,’ Blake explained in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily last week, when asked why she dresses herself.

    ‘I just like it – I love design and I love fashion and it’s a way to be creative. In my job I get to be creative, but it’s over a period of time and so many other people are involved, whereas this is a beginning, middle and end, and I get to be creative and there’s an end date in the near future.’

    She continued: ‘It’s the same reason why I like doing my friends’ hair and makeup or cooking – you get to be creative and finish it. Whereas with my job you do it and then two years later it’s finished. It probably goes back to the control issues; it’s like, “Okay, I did it, I completed it, it’s done!”’

    But how does the mother of two do it all?

    ‘Once you have the clothes, you just pick out what to wear like any other human being does,’ explains Blake. ‘But it’s easier because you have access to clothes and so it’s not that hard.’

    She continued: ‘The hard part is going through all the fashion shows and screenshotting all the looks you like and calling them in. I have an assistant who helps in calling in the looks. But a lot of it is I have relationships with the designers.’

    She’s already working on her dress for the Met gala and according to Blake, it’s her favourite look yet.

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