9 life lessons you learned from Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl
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If you don't think that Gossip Girl was the greatest programme ever made then you're wrong. We're not going to fight you on it, but you are wrong. You might have forgotten some of the incredible wisdom that Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, Dan and the rest of the crew taught you, but fear not. We're here to remind you of all the lessons Gossip Girl taught you.

Contains spoilers, but the show ended three years ago so if you haven't seen it by now you probably never will.

Shouting a lot and calling your friends 'minions' will make people like you.

Who knew?


Manhattan private schools take an extremely liberal attitude towards dress-code violations

Again. Who knew?!


If things get tricky, disappearing to boarding school without saying goodbye is the best way to make people forgive you

Works every time...


If you're too old for boarding school, getting shot, moving to Paris, changing your name to Henry and falling in love with your nurse is a good option too.

Very exceptional circumstances of course but seemed to work for Chuck. 


It's probably not a good idea to legally divorce your parents to start a fashion line.

Classic Jenny Humphrey.


Confidence will get you everywhere. Or get you fired.

Hey, if you won't back yourself - who will!?


Even the stickiest of situations can be fixed with the words 'I'm Chuck Bass'

True say.


It's a bad idea to marry the Prince of Monaco because you made a pact with God to save the man you actually love.

Again. Exceptional circumstances. 


But in the end, even if your boyfriend sells you for a hotel, it's still totally possible to live happily ever after


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BRB, off to go watch every episode of GG again.

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