Alexa Chung is launching her very own fashion label

Finally, finally.

Alexa Chung hosts Longchamp dinner
Alexa Chung hosts Longchamp dinner

Finally, finally.

Model, TV presenter and all-round style queen, Alexa Chung has announced that she is launching her own namesake fashion brand.

Named as the creative director of the new ‘ALEXACHUNG’ label, Alexa is promising to launch her new ready-to-wear line in May 2017. The collection will include daywear, eveningwear, shoes, jewellery and denim, all designed by the hand of Chung. So basically she’s about to give us a wardrobe’s-worth of dreamy style solutions, then?

Of course, Alexa’s dipped her toe into the design world a few times before, collaborating with the likes of Marks and Spencer, Madewell, Supergra and AG Jeans on exclusive capsule collections. But this new venture will be all her and she’s already got some major stockists (think Selfridges, Galeries Lafayette and on board to back her up.

'Surprise! I’m starting my own fashion label,' Alexa said in an official statement also naming Haider Ackermann's former head of atelier, Edwin Bondson, as her new managing director. 'After many seasons of inspiring and eye opening collaborations with some of my favourite brands, I have decided that now is the perfect time to go it alone and establish my very own fashion line.'

'I have been fortunate enough to have found a wonderful team from various corners of the fashion industry and beyond to help realise my vision and make this lifelong dream a reality. We hope to bring you wearable, cool clothing you can live in and love in, whilst exploring the sartorial relationship between masculinity and femininity, something that has been a cornerstone of my personal style since I was old enough to dress myself.'

Already a force to be reckoned with in fashion, beauty and tech worlds (she recently launched community fashion app Villoid), the announcement of this next move is already causing critics to draw comparisons between Alexa and Victoria Beckham, or the Olsen twins, who all successfully crossed that line from ‘celebrity with a fashion line’ to fully fledged designer.

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'I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me on the journey thus far.' Alexa added. 'With this first collection, I aim not only to delight your eyeballs but to furnish your wardrobe with all of your soon-to-be favourite pieces.'

As everything she touches turns to pure fashion gold, we think it's safe to tip this one as a hit before we've even seen it.