David Beckham Lifts The Lid On His Family’s Christmas Plans…

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  • hat does Becks buy VB?

    David Beckham, global football icon, famed fashion model and father-of-four has revealed what the Beckhams get up to for Christmas – and it all sounds very normal, actually.

    In an interview with BBC Breakfast David revealed that the family’s holiday traditions were ‘just like every other person’s Christmas.’ He said: ‘We’re very normal – we open presents, we enjoy ourselves and have a traditional Christmas dinner. We’re exactly the same. We always spend Christmas in London because it’s home and all of our family are here.’

    David also spoke out about the perceived challenge of buying presents for his fashion mogul wife, Victoria, when asked if she was ‘tricky’ to shop for, he said: ‘She’s not actually [tricky]. I think when you’ve been with someone for so long you know. People say that: “oh it must be so difficult to buy [for] Victoria because she has a lot of things” you know, you think about buying your wife or girlfriend, but actually I know her so well. And I know the simple things that she likes and enjoys, so she’s ok to buy for.’
    Obviously now David has kept us au fait on his family’s Christmas plans, we’ve just got even more questions and endless imaginings of the Beckham’s festivities. Do they indulge in turkey or duck on the big day? And just how simple are the gifts that David bestows upon Victoria? We’re thinking that a pair of socks probably wouldn’t cut it in such a fashionable household, but then again who knows.
    Last year it was reported that the Beckham family spent part of their Christmas with Gordon and Tana Ramsay, with the famous chef cooking up a feast for them all after Brooklyn Beckham wrote on Instagram: ‘Looking forward to Gordon’s cooking’. (That’s one dinner party we’d love an invite to).
    Our minds can only ponder at what celebrations they have in store for this year…

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