Kylie Jenner just made a drastic change to her lips

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  • Didn't see that one coming...

    Kylie Jenner is famous for a few reasons: being part of arguably the world’s most famous family, having one of the most lucrative colour cosmetics brands in the world, naming her baby after a weather forecast announcement and for having really, really, big lips.

    Kylie Jenner lips

    Kylie Jenner lips

    At first she kept quiet about how her pout had gone from subtle and thin to full-on voluptuous within a couple of months, but then she admitted that she had had some help from someone with a medical degree and easy access to syringes and hyaluronic acid. The cat was finally out of the bag that the ‘star’ had in fact had lip fillers.

    So it came as quite a shock yesterday when Jenner responded to a comment on her Instagram that she had in fact ‘got rid of all my filler.’ Fans had spotted that her appearance was reminiscent of the old Kylie with natural lips and most of them seemed pretty chuffed with her decision: ‘beautiful without filler’ said one. ‘We love this natural look more,’ said another.

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    Dr Nick Milojevic, a leading British aesthetic doctor believes that Kylie probably ‘skipped a few sessions meaning her pout as gone down naturally.’ But for those who followed in her footsteps and want to copy Jenner again and have them removed, Dr Milojevic says, ‘If the patient wants a quicker way to remove their lip filler they can have Hyaluronidase injected directly into the lips, and they will go down within 3 – 4 days.’ However people should be careful about jumping too quickly to follow suit, ‘there is a very small risk of an allergic reaction, and this must be considered by the patient and doctor before undoing the procedure. I advise my patients to let their lips go down naturally to avoid any risks. There is also a small chance that if the patient chooses to have these injections, it could mean the lips go even thinner than anticipated, this is due to the breaking down of the hyaluronic acid within the lips, which could lead to the patient being unhappy with the results. It is best to let the filler dissolve naturally over the 6-12 months.’

    So there we have it. Has the youngest Jenner started a new trend for natural looking lips? Only time will tell dear reader.

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