Why Gwyneth Paltrow is glad she broke up with Brad Pitt in 1997

They were one of the biggest couples of the nineties

Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Pitt
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Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken about the Brad Pitt break-up on numerous occasions. In recent years she has revealed why they ended their relationship and explained the Brad Pitt theory that recognises how similar the actor and his ex-girlfriends look.

And while she recently spoke to the actor on her Goop podcast - telling him she 'loves' him - she has also admitted that she is glad that the pair split back in 1997.

That's right - it might have taken us years to get over the fact that the 90's golden couple never made it, but Gwyny is pretty happy about when they went their separate ways. 

Why? Because apparently twenty years ago, the paparazzi weren't that interested in snapping celebs.

In an interview with WSJ. Magazine in 2019, she revealed that she always talks her her pal, Cameron Diaz, about the lack of paps way back when.

"Cameron Diaz and I talk about this all the time," she said. 

"We're like, 'Thank God in the early '90s there were [so few] paparazzi.' Thank god."

She also admitted she was glad that she broke up with Brad when she did.

"I remember when Brad Pitt and I broke up, it was on the cover of the New York Post and there was no one outside my house. That would never happen today," she said.

The pair met in 1994 while filming crime thriller Se7en and started dating shortly afterwards. But, sadly, it wasn't meant to be. During an interview on Sophia Amoruso’s podcast, Girlboss Radio, she made a public apology to Brad for 'fucking up' their relationship.

"I’ve fucked up so many relationships," she said.

"I’m actually a pretty good friend, and a good sister and daughter and mother, but I’m at my potentially most vulnerable and fucked up in the romantic slice of the pie. It’s taken me a lot of work to get to the place where I have a good romantic relationship. 

"So Brad Pitt, if you’re listening. I fucked that up, Brad."

Can't say she isn't open!

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