Charlize Theron’s powerful response to her toddler telling her to get a boyfriend is going viral

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  • Charlize Theron is one of the most talked-about women in the world, one of the reasons being that she refuses to stay silent about uncomfortable subjects.

    Yes, from Hollywood sexism and ageing to the gender pay gap, Charlize speaks out about the topics that others avoid, with this week being no exception.

    During a recent interview on Diane von Furstenburg’s podcast, In Charge, the actor opened up about her response to her daughter telling her that she needs a boyfriend.

    ‘You need a boyfriend’, Charlize’s 5-year-old daughter reportedly told her, and the academy award winner’s response is going viral.

    ‘I said, “Actually, I don’t. Right now, I feel really good,” and she’s like, “But, you know what, Mom? … You need a boyfriend, you need a relationship,”’ Charlize recalled. ‘And I was like, “I am in a relationship. I’m in a relationship with myself right now.”’

    Charlize went on to explain that her daughter had ‘this look in her eye like she had never really contemplated that that was even a possibility and I said, “That is a really important thing for you guys to know.”’

    ‘We are raising a generation of young girls who realise that there is absolutely no shame in that game to be in relationship with yourself — to not fall into what society kind of predicts for us as what is socially acceptable: If you are not in a relationship, somehow you’re a failure,’ she continued. ‘Those are all constructs that we need to change. I remember two days ago just looking back in the rearview mirror and seeing my little 5-year-old’s face; her mind was blown. But I know that that was the day that she realised there’s a different possibility.’

    Charlize Theron – always inspiring us on the regular.

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