There is now a vagina skincare line and I am officially done.

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  • Picks jaw up from floor

    Just when I thought I’d seen all the beauty industry had to offer, I recently discovered that there is a team of people in Sweden who have developed a line of skincare for your vagina.

    Yep, you read that correctly. This is not a hoax. The Perfect V is a 8-piece luxury skincare collection designed and formulated for your foof.

    Last year, we revealed that we had discovered a lipstick for your fanny, but clearly someone out there decided that we needed a more comprehensive regimen for our nether regions.

    The range includes a wash (fair enough), cleansing wipes (which they suggest carrying around in your pocket for on-the-go needs), an exfoliator (cue the gasps), a hydrating cream (I didn’t realise my lady garden was dehyrated), a highlighter (your guess is as good as mine), a soothing cream (this I can get on board with as it calms irritation from hair removal) a firming serum (WHAT?!) and wait for it: a mist.

    Each product is PH Balanced, has been rigorously tested by dermatologists and gynecologists, and is paraben, SLS and fragrance free.

    I’m all for caring for my friend down there, but what’s wrong with a bottle Femfresh and water?!

    Oh and they have also coined and trademarked the term Vanicure, so yep put a fork in me for I am done.

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