How to style your hair in this heatwave

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  • Because we are SO not used to this weather

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    Hi, I’m Nicola Clarke – I am the Creative Colour Director of John Frieda Salons, and in the past I’ve done Kate Winslet, Kate Moss, Kate Beckinsale, Cate Blanchett and Kate Bosworth’s colour. All the Kates! It’s with great pleasure that today I start my stint as the Marie Claire Hair Master. With this heat looking like it’s sticking around for a bit longer, I thought we’d begin with talking about how to air dry your hair.

    You will never hear me complain about a heatwave. The warmer the better, as far as I’m concerned. But hot weather certainly doesn’t make me feel inclined to spend hours in front of the mirror with one of the best hair dryers in hand.

    The good news is that you can cut the heat styling altogether and still get great results – once you know how. When you take heat out of the equation it’s hard to transform your hair type (hence our forever obsession with the best hair straighteners); the trick to successful air styling is to work with your natural style, using great products and clever techniques to achieve a natural, hassle free look.

    If you have naturally frizzy hair, leaving it to air dry may seem like a recipe for disaster. Not so. The secret is in the product – a good serum will add extra moisture to hair, reducing dry ends and frizz without weighing it down. I like Iles Formula Finishing Serum, it’s brilliant for soft waves and when used on air dried hair leaves it feeling soft and conditioner.

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    If you have naturally flat, fine hair, avoid using product on the root. Leave hair to dry naturally and when it’s just a little damp, flip it upside down and plait. Once it is completely dry remove the plaits to leave a natural, beachy looking wave. And an extra tip to add volume at the root – try parting hair on the opposite side from usual.

    Finally, dry shampoo is the ultimate hack for air dried hair. Yes, it gives your hair the look and feel of being newly washed – but the often overlooked bonus is that it also adds fabulous texture. I swear by Sam McKnight’s Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo; it’s super light formula adds volume and body, which can be hard to achieve without heat styling.

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    If you really must use a hairdryer use one that has temperature control settings and is powerful enough to dry hair quickly. I love the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, it’s quick and light and the cool setting is great when it’s hot outside.

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    Embrace the heat.

    Air dry your hair now.

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