Our top winter fitness DVDs

Marie Claire's Olivia Cox picks the top four fitness DVDs to see you through winter

If you’re anything like me, holiday season is a time for getting back your zing. But as the winter chill approaches my running kit goes into hibernation – there’s no way I’m hitting the roads in shorts!

I try to get there with my own version of yoga and stretches, but there’s nothing like having an expert on hand to help.

I’ve tried and tested the latest fitness DVDs over the last few weeks (and have the abs to prove it!) – here’s the scoop on four of the best:

DVD: Yogalates DVD by Louise Solomon
BEST FOR: Elongating limbs and strengthening your core.
THE LOWDOWN: This is the best bendy workout for getting flexible fast but it’s not for the faint hearted. Keep up the super quick pace and you’ll reap the benefits in as little as two sessions.

DVD: David Kirsch’s Bootcamp DVD
BEST FOR: Legs, bums and tums, and building muscle definition.
THE LOWDOWN: Lots of whole body movements – think squats, boxing, push-ups. It’s a total whole body workout. It’s only 40 minutes but you feel like you’ve had a great session by the end.

DVD: The Body, Lean and Lifted – Stretch yourself slim in 30 days by Marja Putkisto
BEST FOR: Feeling super slender.
THE LOWDOWN: After 30 days of posture-perfecting stretches you’ll feel streamlined and supple, as you stretch lazy muscles into shape.

DVD: Power Yoga by Yogi Ashokananda
BEST FOR: Self love and anti-ageing.
THE LOWDOWN: Re-connect with your internal energy for an instant confidence boost. Oh, and it helps slow the ageing process, too. Sold!

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