A video of what happens if you don’t clean your hair brush properly is going viral for the grimmest of reasons


TikTok hair brush cleaning hack


Another day, another TikTok beauty hack that's making us rethink everything we thought we knew about hair, makeup and skincare. This time, it's a viral hair brush cleaning hack that's revealed the very grim reality behind not giving your brush a proper wash – and frankly, it's unlikely we'll ever recover.

Quickly pulling the hair out of your hair brush and counting it as 'cleaning'? Guilty as charged.

But according to TikTokker Jessica Haizman's (graphic) viral video, by not cleaning your brush on the regular, you're practically just inviting dirt into your hair.

Yep, apparently a quick de-hair just doesn't cut it, and we should be washing our brushes at least every two weeks to keep them clean and free from any build-up.

(Which, given the fact that cleaning your make-up brushes this often is just a given, only makes sense.)

In the clip, Haizman revealed what happened when she gave her hair brushes a 30-minute bath – and let's just say plug holes have seen less dirt.

"Ever cleaned your hair brushes?" she begins in the tutorial. "Realistically, you’re supposed to clean your hair brushes once every two weeks."


She then explains how she went about cleaning her brushes – beginning by cleaning all of the hair out of them, and steeping them in water, baking soda and shampoo.

"Immediately, the water started turning brown and gross," she said. "I let them soak for 30-minutes before taking them out."

Cue a sink full of sludge-coloured water.

Haizman explained that she doesn't dye or use much product in her hair, so that can't be to blame for the build-up. Turns out, it's just the dirt that naturally accumulates after a prolonged period of not giving your brush a good old wash.

So if you excuse us, we'll just be alternating between hanging our heads in shame, and furiously scrubbing our brushes.

Kate McCusker

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