Obsessed: The three beauty products our Beauty Editor needs you to know about in February

Editor's cut: the best of beauty right now

Editor's cut: the best of beauty right now

Each month I will be regaling you with tales of my three favourite products du jour. Or should that be du mois? In my line of work, with product after product arriving at my door in the arms of impatient couriers, it takes something truly special to stand out from the crowd. Wallflowers need not apply; this list is reserved solely for the products that stop me in my tracks. Are you ready? Let's begin...

1. Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30, £39 | Selfridges

Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint SPF30

As I write this, I am sat in my dark flat, every lamp on, my electricity bill getting larger with every minute that passes. But as I cast my eye out onto the streets of Hackney, I spot a glimmer of sunlight dancing off the roofs of the neighbouring buildings. I take this to mean that Spring is almost certainly moments away and I have just the complexion product for just this occasion. It is time to crack open Milk Makeup's Sunshine Skin Tint for my daily walk around the block. This whole column could actually be dedicated to this and only this, as it is in fact three products in one: a skin tint, a face oil and an SPF.

It gives the most delicious finish - dewy, not sweaty - covers everything I want covered, but doesn't hide the bits I like (nose freckles, in case you were wondering). And because it's made with a blend of oils, it keeps my dry and haggard skin moisturised throughout the day, all the while protecting it from the sun's evil rays. The glass rollerball and clickable pen make top ups easy, when I'm on...the...go? Well it will be once we get out of lockdown.

2. Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush, £110 | Cult Beauty

Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush

I've had quite a few electric toothbrushes in my time. At one point I had one that had bluetooth capability, its own app and games that you could play whilst brushing, none of which I used. Why? Because it's a toothbrush, all I wanted was it to clean my teeth better than a manual.

When Spotlight's Sonic Toothbrush landed on my kitchen table, I was excited, because I left my old one at a hotel last year and they kept it. Seriously. But if I'm honest, I was also a bit non-plussed. But then I tried it. It takes some getting used to, it uses high frequency sonic technology, which means it vibrates so much faster than your typical electric toothbrush. When it touches your teeth, your tongue, your gums, its like you're being tickled from the inner recesses of your skull. But after about three days, my body got used to this new sensation and now I barely notice it. What I do notice is how much brighter my teeth look. I'm not on American levels yet, but there's still time.

3. Nailberry L'Oxygéné Breathable Nail Polish in Le Temps des Cerises, £12.33 | Lookfantastic

Nailberry L'Oxygéné Breathable Nail Polish in Le Temps des Cerises

Townhouse London is hands down the best nail salon in London. Their gel manicures are perfection and last and last and last and last and last. You get it, I miss getting my nails done. In each lockdown, I have left my nails bare, occasionally filing them to stop me snacking on them during a mid-afternoon slump. The other day, whilst my husband cooked for me and I sat and drank wine, I absentmindedly started painting my nails with a polish I had been sent that day. It went on with such ease, I barely noticed what I was doing. (I'd like to point out here that this had nothing to do with the wine.) Within a couple of minutes I had applied two coats to both hands and I didn't even need to tidy up any mistakes. It then dried within another couple of minutes and get this, it lasted for a full four days without chipping.

Now, I should have started this by saying that whilst I love gel manicures, I hate regular polish because it takes ages to dry and chips too easily - sometimes the next day. I would rather keep my nails naked than apply an at-home varnish. However, that changed the minute I painted my nails with Nailberry's L'Oxygéné Breathable Nail Polish in Le Temps des Cerises, three glasses of Merlot down.

Katie Thomas

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