Exclusive Step-By-Step Video: How To Recreate Emma Stone's Golden Globes Hairstyle

Make like Emma Stone and style your hair in sleek waves for your next night out

Photo of Emma Stone Golden Globes
Photo of Emma Stone Golden Globes

Make like Emma Stone and style your hair in sleek waves for your next night out

Ah, Emma Stone. Not an awards season or red carpet event goes by when we don't covet her immaculately styled hair. Whether she's blonde, brunette or a redheaded siren, Emma's tresses are nothing less than perfect - but never unattainable.

This year's Golden Globes was no exception, as the actress showcased a relaxed wave that we instantly wanted to achieve ourselves. Luckily, the hair experts at Remington have created this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to recreating the look at home...

Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you get the Emma Stone Golden Globes look for yourself:

Step 1 Before styling, ensure your hair is 100% dry. Start off by sectioning hair from the crown to the top of the ear and then clip the back section up. Then horizontally divide the side sections into 2 equal parts.

Step 2 Step 2 is all about creating the wave in the hair. Starting with a bottom side section, curl the hair towards the face. For a great textured finish, curl the top sections of hair away from the face. Top tip: Don’t curl too close to the root or the ends of the hair for more of a modern finish.

Step 3 Once you have mirrored these waves on the other side, curl sections of hair from the back in different directions, which will add to that natural textured finish.

Step 4 Using your fingers as a comb, apply a light hold wax or serum to the hair to break up the waves, creating a natural and relaxed finish.

See Emma Stone's style file, from the very beginning.

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