Red hair is having a moment and there’s a perfect shade for everyone

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  • Red hair is fierce, and that's a fact. You only have to see the stars embracing their crimson-colours and the celebrities copy-catting their fiery shades to know...

    Red hair has never been hotter. Whether you’re rocking a freshly-dyed redhead ‘do or embracing some stunning auburn locks, a shade of red hair is the most-sought after on the spectrum. Just take a look at the A-list.

    Redhead du jour Lily Collins leads the way when it comes to natural red shades. As do actresses Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks and Isla Fisher.

    For more subtle cinnamon shades, French babe Joséphine de La Baume and Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman boast two of the best hues on the scene, while Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore prove the hottest shade of the year can be copied to perfection.

    Brighter colours are also popular with celebrities. Everyone from singers Cheryl to Rihanna have indulged their creative sides at the salon, opting for more fiery reds. And who could forget the firiest of them all, Florence Welch, who regularly slicks on a lipstick in a similar shade before stepping out on stage to perform with her band.

    Worried about your look getting stale? Do as Nicola Roberts does. The Girls Aloud star updated her mid-length locks by introducing a much softer sun-kissed tone towards the tips. The end result perfectly complemented Nicola’s porcelain skin which she began to embrace towards the end of her chart-topping group’s time in the spotlight.

    If you’re considering making the change but aren’t sure what way to turn, we have you covered. We went to Paul Edmonds London in Knightsbridge and spoke to Steven Kamara, the hair colouring mastermind behind redheads like Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, to help us understand how to get the red you want.

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    How to choose the right shade of red

    Work with your natural skin tone. If your skin is pale, try lighter shades of red like ginger or strawberry blonde or go really rich in colour.

    Many associate redheads with fair skin, but if you’ve got golden or warm undertones you can still pull off a killer red colour.

    ‘Warmer skin tones need to use a balancing colour,’ Steven advises, so opt for shades with a hint of copper to keep warmth in your complexion.

    And if you have darker skin, try auburn shades of red or go for really popping, bright red.

    ‘Adding some subtle ballayage pieces throughout the hair also gives it a lovely depth,’ Steven says.

    How to go from blonde to red hair

    Luckily, it’s quite easy to transition form blonde hair to red, as your hair will pick up the red dye easily. Remember, if you have copper tones in your hair already, it will show up in the red too. If you don’t want copper tones, visit your hair colourist who will be able to counteract this for you.

    How to go from brown to red hair

    Because brown hair is darker than red, it can be slightly harder to achieve the exact red hair colour you want, especially if you’re trying to do it at home. You will most likely have to go lighter in colour before you can go red, but as Steven proved it’s possible to go from a medium-dark brown to a copper red in one session – just make sure you leave it up to the professionals to ensure your hair is kept in tip-top condition. Also consider an Olaplex treatment in between salon visits to improve the quality of your hair, and so it absorbs the colour more.

    How to care for dyed red hair

    ‘It’s really important to properly care for red hair, so you need to make sure you’re using the right products,’ Steven warns. ‘Red tends to fade pretty quickly, so make sure you stay away from anything that’s going to strip the colour.’

    Avoid using anti-dandruff shampoos and instead choose sulphate-free products to keep your colour looking vibrant for longer.

    Take a look at our favourite naturally auburn stunners and those experimental redheads – we’re confident you’ll be booking in an appointment after…

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