2019 hair trends: 5 top stylists give us their predictions for this year

We pressed some of the biggest names in hair to cast their votes for THE key trend for the year ahead

2019 hair trends
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We pressed some of the biggest names in hair to cast their votes for THE key trend for the year ahead

A new year is almost upon us and so at MC HQ we're (unsurprisingly) already thinking about 2019 hair trends.

But predicting the next big thing requires a fair bit of expertise and so, with some of the world's biggest names in hairstyling on speed dial we asked the beauty brains to cast their votes for the hair year ahead.

Between them they've decades of experience and an extremely famous celebrity client roster – including Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Kim Kardashian and more – so you know they're, well, in the know.

So if you're in need of a change-up to your look and are wondering what the biggest 2019 hair colour trends, haircuts and styles will be, this is the place to get the lowdown. Keep reading for the hair ideas you need for the new year.

Jen Atkin, founder of OUAI

The shaggy cut

'I think the 90s shaggy haircut will be making a comeback this upcoming year. Feathered ends and layers add body, movement and look great with on girls with wavy or straight hair. It also makes it easy to style, whether you’re rocking your natural texture or adding some bends using a flat iron or curling iron. Spritz hair with OUAI Wave Spray to give your hair natural wave & body without the crunchiness.

'I’m also loving a a fringe – but I’m warning you, it’s a full-time job. If you’re thinking about getting bangs, make sure your stylist tailors them according to your face shape. There are so many different types of fringes, so you want to make sure whatever you get fits your face and also your daily routine. Also, asking your stylist to show you how to style them on the regular will save you so much time getting ready every day.'

Luke Hersheson, Creative Director at Hershesons

The mid-length cut

'2019 is all about ‘The Middy’, a mid-length cut that stops just below your shoulders. The middy has a weight to it – it feels as though you have long hair and it’s just about long enough that you can still tie up should you want to. The length is so important; if it stops at the shoulders it can feel Stepford, but coming in just a little bit longer still keeps the look cool and chic.

'There is something very polished and glamorous about the perfect mid-length hair that skims the shoulder. Just think of Olivia Palermo and Emily Weiss. This is a look that requires regular trims to maintain that precise length; just a couple of centimetres longer and it can become dowdy.'

Adam Reed, ghd Global Ambassador

2019 hair trends Adam Reed

Androgynous hair

'We are definitely going to see a shift in blurring the lines between stereotypical feminine and masculine haircuts – these lines are going to be almost totally blurred if not pretty much gone in 2019. This is largely driven by social media and the ability to share more and be more inclusive.

'Men are having more feminine, soft and gorgeous lines and women are having tougher and more structured blunt cuts. Take for example the glass hair trend which was support by the Kardashians. This blunt and sharp bob was something that may have previously been seen to be more masculine but worn with the right clothes and makeup is totally feminine and gorgeous. I think it’s reflective of the 90s bit with a modern twist.

'The evolution of both products and textures also allows us support fluidity too with packaging being less gender focused of stereotypical.'

Patrick Wilson, ghd Creative Artist

2019 hair trends

The seventies fringe

'A fringe is always so personal, but next year is going to be all about the brow-skimming fringe with a seventies vibe, as seen at Gucci and Marc Jacobs. Take reference from the seventies and go slightly stronger and longer with your fringe; don’t try to hide the fringe, make the most if it! Keep it looking heavy, like it’s supposed to be there.

'With a heavy fringe you need it to look healthy, shiny and glossy. Use a mousse (like ghd Total Volume Foam to add volume and fullness) and always blow-dry the fringe using a good hairdryer and a round brush. This will give your fringe the perfect shape, plus shine and gloss. Don’t spray hairspray directly onto the fringe! Spray it onto the brush and then brush it through for a very soft hold.

'For thicker hair, smooth and straighten your fringe using the ghd Platinum+ Styler; pull it down through the fringe to straighten and shine – and you can use it to change the shape of the fringe. You can add a beautiful 70s inspired flick at the end or curl it under, depending on how you pull the styler through the hair.'

Francesca Dixon, Senior Colourist at HARI's

2019 hair trends

Purple hues

'Aubergine is one of my favourite colour hues for SS19 and a trend that I predict is going to be requested all festival season next year. Dark plum hues are beautiful on brunette bases and can also be incorporated into balayage and highlights with light lilac tones for a pop of fun.

'An alternative aubergine colour option for blondes is Lilac Hue Roots which can be applied to bleach tints. You achieve this look by leaving the root slightly longer allowing the colour to melt from lilac into ice blonde ends.'

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