Potterheads unite – an extra special Slytherin Harry Potter Studio takeover is coming

Whether you’re a magic-loving muggle or a skilled witch, something very exciting is coming to London this year – and no Harry Potter fan will want to miss it.

A celebration of all things Slytherin is happening from from April 3rd until September 6th 2020 at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios and it sounds incredible.

Known for its links to dark magic, the Hogwarts house is also famous for a number of HP favourites – from Severus Snape to Bellatrix Lestrange. However, for the first time fans will be able to learn more about Salazar Slytherin’s house, from the secrets behind the iconic costumes and props, and visit the common room.

That’s right – you’ll get to see where Draco Malfoy and his pals hung out in Hogwarts. Remember when Harry and Ron infiltrated the Slytherin quarters using Polyjuice potion? You won’t need to disguise yourself as Crabbe and Goyle, though, and you’ll be free to roam around whether you’re a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

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Credit: Warner Bros Studio Tour

A 25-foot high section of the iconic set will be on display, furnished and dressed with authentic props with the legendary green and silver house colours.

And the Great Hall will be getting a green makeover, too, as Slytherin house banners will be suspended from the enchanted ceiling to indicate that the cunning crew have won the House Cup.

Original costumes belonging to the Malfoy family will also be on display, showing visitors how the designs changed to depict their rise and fall in power, and there’s also a number of Voldemort’s costumes to see – from his early years as orphan, Tom Riddle, to Hogwarts student, to the wizarding world villain.

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