You can now stay in a dog-shaped Airbnb and we're booking it ASAP

dog shaped airbnb

From the most Instagrammable Airbnbs to Bella Swan's Twilight house, there are so many wonderful and unique listings on Airbnb.

Fancy staying in a treehouse and hanging out with llamas and alpacas? Go for it. Want to feel fancy and check in to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' wedding venue? Book away. You can even stay in an utterly charming Irish hobbit pod - because why not?

But if, for some unknown reason, none of those tickle your fancy then it's time to pack your bags and head to Idaho, US to stay in this two bedroom giant dog-shaped Airbnb.

The Dog Bark Park Inn B&B is listed on the site houses up to four guests and reads: 'Stay inside a beagle-shaped building with comfort and a unique style. Cozy up with selections from our library of books, games & puzzles many of which are dog themed. Light snacking foods and in-the-dog breakfast is included. Wi-Fi if needed.'

dog shaped airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

But that's not all. It's located in Cottonwood, rural Idaho, with 'expansive views of prairie grain fields and surrounding mountains'. It also includes 'in-the-dog breakfast' and snacks. Plus, it's close to Hells Canyon Gorge of the Snake River, which you can visit by boat, and you can 'explore Nez Perce native history and culture at interpretive sites and towns nearby.'

How lovely.

To stay in this huge beagle house you'll have to part with £109 a night, but before you get too excited it seems to be booked up until April 2020.

However, if you're looking for a getaway after that then go ahead and book before someone else does.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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