Bella Swan's Twilight house is now listed on Airbnb

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You might be frantically searching for the most Instagrammable Airbnbs or the world's best hostel, but there's a new accommodation in town that will excite Twilight fans.

The Charlie and Bella Swan house located in St Helens, Oregon has is now available to book on Airbnb. The listing reads: 'Stay in this famous movie house! For the first time ever, you are now able to experience the inside of the home, so loving referred to as the Twilight Swan House.

'This house was featured as the home of Charlie and Bella Swan in the movie Twilight.

'This charming 1930's home is located in a quiet neighbourhood in downtown Saint Helens, within walking distance to the historic riverfront.'

bella swan airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

The dining table used during filming is included and you can sleep in Bella's bedroom if you wish. You can also decide to stay in the 'Edward' lookout room, or the 'Jacob' guest room, depending on whether you're team vampire or team werewolf.

The description continues: 'Take photos recreating all of your favourite Twilight scenes! Dine at Charlie's actual dining table that was used in filming. Sleep in Bella's bedroom.

'Team Edward?--Sleep in the 'lookout' room, overlooking the front yard, which is where Bella looks out the window to see Edward parked.

'Team Jacob?--Sleep in the 'Jacob Black guest room', located off the main entry downstairs.'

bella swan airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

The house was put on the market last year, with owner Dean Koenig telling PEOPLE: 'If you’re a fan, this place is the one spot that a movie fan can directly connect with an actual physical part of the movie.

'Actors age. They change. They take on different roles. This house will always be as you saw it in the movie. So when people come here they actually can connect to that world and that world becomes a little more real to them.'

Super fans will be paying $330 (£260) a night (Monday to Thurs and Sundays) or $440 (£350) a night (Friday to Saturday or at peak times).

Worth it? Definitely.

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