The UK's most haunted castle is now available for overnight stays if you think you're brave enough

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Halloween is just around the corner, and we'll be lighting our autumnal Yankee Candles, watching our favourite scary movies on Netflix and tucking into the tasty spooky-inspired new McVitie's.

However, if you're more of a thrill seeker and want to be truly terrified, the most haunted castle in the UK is now open for overnight stays - and it's definitely one for the brave.

Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, a 12th century castle which has stayed in the same family for hundreds of years, is reportedly the spookiest place in Britain, with so many reports of petrifying happenings that we're not sure we'd be able to cope. Online broker, Mojo Mortgages, declared it to be the most haunted castle in the UK after analysing online stories with mentions of 'most haunted'.

chillingham castle

Credit: Chillingham Castle

While it boasts some beautiful gardens and decadent decor, it also has dungeons and a torture chamber. Ahem, no thanks.

It also has a fair few terrifying reviews on TripAdvisor, so you can show that to the naysayers.

One guest wrote 'frightening is an understatement', explaining that they left before the end of their planned stay due to the fact that they met a few spirits on a ghost tour before experiencing the feeling of someone sitting on their leg and holding their hand, as well as being pushed and dealing with cupboard doors flying open and lights flickering on and off.

Yeah, it's a no from us.

If you think you've got what it takes to stay in this ghost hotspot, you can book a room from £100 per night for an apartment that sleeps two people.

However, if you're prone to getting a little spooked and want to make sure you've got plenty of people around you, there's the option of the Dairy Apartment and the Coaching Rooms, both of which are big enough for six people.

Good luck trying to find people to go with you...

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