These popular 90s baby names are set to become extinct very soon

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With the coronavirus baby boom in full swing, lots of expectant parents are scrolling through the internet to find the perfect name for their new arrivals. And there are so many options out there - whether you want designer baby names, rare baby names, or something that will ensure that your child is successful (apparently).

There's even a list of baby names that parents regret giving to their bundle of joy. Oh dear.

But if you're looking for something less common, would you consider picking a name from the list of monikers that are set to become extinct pretty soon? has gathered data on the most popular baby names in England and Wales in 1996 to find out how often they're used nowadays, comparing the list with those born in 2019. And the findings show that there are a lot of names you likely heard in the playground back in the 90s that you won't be hearing very often today.

From Danielles to Chelseas, Shanes to Seans, it seems that a number of names are struggling to retain their once-trendy titles.

In fact, many risk extinction - so take a look at the baby names that may not make it to the next decade...

Girls names at risk of extinction

1. Kirsty 2. Shannon 3. Gemma 4. Jodie 5. Lauren 6. Danielle 7. Leanne 8. Chelsea 9. Jade 10. Rhiannon 11. Samantha 12. Ashleigh 13. Amy 14. Rebecca 15. Megan

Boys names at risk of extinction

1. Craig 2. Scott 3. Kieran 4. Jordan 5. Shaun 6. Ashley 7. Shane 8. Sean 9. Connor 10. Callum 11. Andrew 12. Dean 13. Matthew 14. Curtis 15. Bradley

Would you pick any of these names for your little one?

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