The baby names that parents most regret giving their children

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be tricky - do you pick a moniker that is most likely to make your child famous and successful? Or lean towards a popular double barrelled name? And what about the smartest baby names?

There are also names you may want to avoid - from the least popular baby names to the 'worst' baby names.

But do parents tend to regret the monikers that they give to their children?

Apparently, they do. Oh dear.

In a survey by Gigacalculator, it seems that some parents aren't too keen on the names they've chosen for their offspring.

So what makes these mums and dads wish they'd chosen something else?

Of the 5,842 participants, 73% said that they changed their minds after deciding on a name and making it official, with 30% saying they didn't give naming enough thought.

However, the biggest regret was choosing a name that their child grew out of and didn't seem to suit as they got older.

Some felt unhappy about the fact that a friend or celebrity later chose the same name, while 32% admitted their little one was teased for it at school and others regretted going along with their partner's choice.

Most regretted baby names

So which monikers do parents most regret giving to their children? Take a look...

Most regretted boys names

(By percentage)

Hunter – 32%

Jaxon – 29%

Carter – 28%

Tobias – 25%

Oliver – 24%

Grayson – 22%

Felix – 21%

Jasper – 20%

Sonny – 17%

Dexter – 12%

Most regretted girls names

(By percentage)

Aurora – 35%

Arabella – 32%

Lyla – 28%

Amber – 27%

Edith – 24%

Maryam – 21%

Harriet – 19%

Summer – 15%

Delilah – 13%

Gracie – 12%

What do you make of these names?

We actually think they're all pretty cute!

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