People are naming their babies after beauty brands and these are the most popular

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  • If you’ve fallen into the coronavirus baby boom category, you might be trawling the internet for a name that’s the perfect fit.

    There are successful and famous baby names, rare baby names for anyone hoping for something unique and then there are the baby names that make the most money. And if you’re hoping for a smarty pants these are the names to pick.

    But be careful – there are also some monikers that parents admit they regret bestowing on their little one. Oh dear.

    In our quest to find the most unusual names, it seems that many parents are turning to their favourite designer labels.

    The team over at Jewellerybox have delved into children’s names in the UK to discover the most popular names inspired by fashion and beauty.

    For girls, the likes of Chanel and Armani came out on top, whilst boys names included Valentino and Kenzo.

    There were 16,290 babies named Armani in the UK and US since 2000, and lesser used monikers such as Boss and Rimmel were choices for newborns.

    Let’s take a look at the full list…

    Designer girls names

    1. Chanel
    2. Armani
    3. Dior
    4. Dolce
    5. Estee
    6. Omega
    7. Yves
    8. Cartier
    9. Nivea

    Designer boys names

    1. Valentino
    2. Kenzo
    3. Armani
    4. Salvatore
    5. Cavalli
    6. Dior
    7. Yves
    8. Klein
    9. Hermes
    10. Cartier

    Daena Borrowman, PR, Social & Digital Media Manager at jewllerybox says: ‘Choosing a name for a newborn can be really tough, with soon-to-be parents often spending hours poring over baby name books, in preparation for choosing the perfect name.

    ‘But you can find inspiration in the most unusual of places, with our research showing that thousands of parents are taking inspiration from their favourite fashion labels, beauty brands and even precious stones.

    ‘It’s clear to see that it’s not just our clothing and jewellery options that these brands are influencing!’

    Would you pick one of these names for your newborn?

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