This is the job that's likely to get way more matches on Tinder

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Since March, there has been a huge surge in dating app swipes with singles continuing to look for love despite the lockdown whether it's through a dating app for cat lovers or the app that only allows you to communicate with voice notes.

But has someone's occupation on their dating profile ever influenced your decision to swipe left or right?

Former Tinder CEO Sean Rad believes that a person's job is important when it comes to dating, and while most wouldn't judge someone on their skills or profession, we are all attracted to certain qualities. decided to find out which trade job received the most swipes right when it comes to the popular dating app. They looked up 11 of the most popular trade jobs in the UK and made separate Tinder profiles, keeping everything the same except their occupation.

Making hundreds of right swipes over the course of three days, they found that the tradespeople most likely to get a match and seen as most desirable to women are carpenters with 195 swipes, followed by gardeners with 159 swipes, builders with 126 swipes and landscapers with 111 swipes.

However, plumbers and plasterers weren't so lucky when it came to finding love on the app, receiving 30 and 18 swipes respectively.

So which trade jobs came out on top - and which didn't do so well? Let's take a look...

Most swiped right trade jobs

  1. Carpenters - 195 swipes
  2. Gardeners - 159 swipes
  3. Builders - 129 swipes
  4. Landscapers - 111 swipes
  5. Bricklayer - 87
  6. Painter and decorator - 84
  7. Electrician - 78
  8. Roofer - 54
  9. Scaffolder - 42
  10. Plumber - 30
  11. Plasterer - 18

So there you have it!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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