There's a new dating app for cat lovers and it sounds purrfect

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There are so many dating apps out there these days, from the traditional apps like Tinder to the more niche apps like Doing Something (for those who doesn't want the faff of deciding what to do for a first date).

And if you're looking for something more than a hook-up, you'll want to bond over something you both love - like music, or food, or cats.

Oh yes, there's a new dating app dedicated to those who prefer felines to canines.

Tabby is the place for single cat lovers to meet, because who wants to fall head over heels before realising that your whiskered pet is despised by your other half?

The app allows people to meet and organise a date for their pet cats. You input the usual data that comes with dating apps, such as age and job, but you also share details on your fur baby so that your prospective partner gets an outline of their breed and personality - including whether they're allowed on the table and sleep in the bed.

Leigh and Casey Isaacson, the sisters who created this treasure, decided that there was a gap in the market after reading a study earlier this year which revealed that men who feature cats in their online dating profiles actually get fewer matches.

While dogfishers get all the love with their borrowed pups, it seems kittens have the opposite effect.

As a result, they recruited two high profile 'catfluencers', Nathan the Cat Lady (almost 300,000 Instagram followers) and Sterling 'TrapKing' Davis (just over 50,000 followers) to become the faces of the brand.

But if you're a dog person, don't worry - there's something for you, too. The sister app, Digdates, matches those who love dogs so that the pooch or partner ultimatum need not exist.

Happy swiping for the purrfect partner.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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