These are the most popular eco-friendly baby names and they're all adorable

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If you're expecting, there are dozens of name lists to work your way through to make sure you pick the perfect moniker for your little one, whether you're looking for a royal inspired baby name, cute autumnal options, the luckiest baby names or hoping to revive the baby names going extinct.

But if you are a champion of sustainability, would you consider an eco-friendly baby name instead?

SaveOnEnergy decided to find out which names linked to plants, nature and the earth were the most popular in recent years, analysing the top 500 names listed in Nameberry's Top Baby Names of 2020 to discover which eco-friendly monikers ranked the highest for girls and boys.

Of the 3,400 people surveyed, many believed that it was important to consider sustainability to reflect their lifestyle choices. Three quarters of Brits said they would consider an eco-friendly baby name, with 39% believing that 'they're pretty', 22% liking the meaning behind the names and 21% saying that it's trendy. Almost a fifth (18%) would do so as they follow a sustainable lifestyle.

However, those who weren't too keen stated they would avoid these names because they're too mainstream (42%) or because they're 'cringey' (26%).

So which names did come out on top?

For girls, Luna was the most popular choice, followed by Aurora (from the Roman goddess of dawn) and Isla (Spanish for island).

Boys names that topped the list were Oliver (English origin for 'olive tree'), Jasper (the gemstone) and Kai ('sea' in Hawaiian).

Let's take a look at the full lists...

  1. Luna - Latin (moon)
  2. Aurora - Roman goddess of dawn
  3. Isla - 'Island' in Spanish
  4. Hazel - The hazel tree
  5. Ivy - The climbing evergreen plant
  6. Iris - 'Rainbow' in Greek
  7. Rose - The fragrant flower
  8. Violet - The purple/blue flower
  9. Aria - 'Air' in Italian
  10. Chloe - 'Blooming' in Greek
  1. Oliver - English origin, 'olive tree'
  2. Jasper - The gemstone jasper
  3. Leo - 'Lion' in Greek
  4. Kai - 'Sea' in Hawaiian
  5. Atlas - Ancient God who carried the world on his shoulders
  6. Rowan - The rowan tree
  7. Phoenix - Immortal bird from Greek mythology
  8. Brooks - 'Stream' in old English
  9. River - A stream of water that flows into the sea
  10. Orion - A constellation of stars

Would you choose one of these names for your little one?

We think they're all adorable!

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